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SCSB hosted "Dash & Stash" Night at the Shelby County Speedway

On May 18, Shelby County State Bank hosted an intermission event for kids at the SC Races called, “Dash & Stash”.

Two hundred dollars in nickels were tossed on the racetrack and kids age 8 and under were invited to ‘dash’ and ‘stash’ what they could.

The bank's Junior Savers' Club mascot, Stasher, was also on hand to help with this fun-filled event!

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Elk Horn Kindergarten Class Pays a Visit to the Elk Horn Office

Last month, Mrs. Deb Madsen and her 15 kindergarten students from Exira-EHK stopped for a visit to Shelby County State Bank's Elk Horn Office. Staff gave them a tour, spoke to them about how a bank operates and gave them demonstrations of the vault, security cameras and coin counter."

Front Row: Elizabeth Miller, Jacob Morris, Irelynd McCarthy, Cadence Sims, Lily McCall, Hannah Jensen, and Harlee Fahn. Back Row: Elk Horn Office Manager Charley Merrill, Anna Potts, Cannon Hansen, Brayden Burnison, Elias Klenda, Ridge McCall, Josh Nelson, Ries Andersen and Shelbi Partridge.

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Gene Gettys Jr. to Lead SCSB in New Role of Business Development Officer

Gene Gettys Jr.

Shelby County State Bank, Harlan is pleased to announce that Gene Gettys Jr. has accepted the role of SCSB’s Business Development Officer. To this new position, Gene brings more than 20 years of operations management and leadership experience. 

For the past 13 years, Gene has been employed locally at ACCENT Marketing and QBE FIRST. His responsibilities with these companies, includes site operations, production, staff development, operations support and licensing. 

In his new role at SCSB, Gene will be ultimately responsible for all aspects of business and relationship development.

Gene is a Harlan native who graduated from Drake University in Des Moines with a BS in Psychology and a BA in Economics & Business Administration. He and his wife, Angie, live in Harlan and have two children. Their daughter, Alex, is a student at University of Northern Iowa and son, Nate, is a junior at Harlan Community High School.

Gene’s community involvement aligns very well with SCSB’s community principles as he is engaged in various local community clubs, youth and school activities. Most notably, he serves on the Shelby County Community Chest Board of Directors, is Treasurer of the TeamMates Mentoring Program and in 2012 was elected to the office of Mayor for the City of Harlan.

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June is National Homeownership Month:
How Do You Know When It’s Time To Refinance?

With mortgage interest rates continuing to hit all-time lows, many homeowners have been (or should be) asking the question, "Should I refinance?" Following these tips can help you answer that question for yourself.

  • Specify the reasons for refinancing. Is the purpose of refinancing to lower the interest rate, reduce the monthly payment or change the term of the loan? The refinance mortgage needed will depend on which of these - or which combination of these - goals is in play. Based on these goals, set targets for interest rates and monthly payments.
  • Do the math. It makes sense to refinance if you'll recoup the cost of refinancing before you're ready to sell your home. Contact your Shelby County State Bank lender to get an estimate of the costs involved in refinancing. Divide the amount of the estimated costs by the amount of the monthly savings you anticipate to determine the number of months until you break even.
  • Know what you need before you start. Before approving your loan application, SCSB will need to pull your credit and calculate the loan-to-value ratio on your mortgage. Be aware that these factors could affect your interest rate. The bank will also need to calculate your debt-to-income ratio to determine your ability to repay.
  • Determine changes in property value. A drastic drop in property value can make it difficult to refinance a mortgage unless that mortgage is old enough to have been paid down substantially.
  • Ask how long a rate quote will last. A loan officer can't offer the same rate indefinitely, but they may commit to locking in a rate for a reasonable period of time to allow for the application process.

Mortgage interest rates are at historic lows and there may not be a better time to refinance. Kathy Mahlberg and Jim Zimmerman at the Downtown Harlan SCSB are mortgage experts and more than happy to take your calls and answer any questions you may have about home purchases, new construction and refinancing.

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Junior Savers' Club Day at the Movies - June 22

For all Junior Savers' Club members and their immediate families: There will be a special member-only event on June 22 to see the movie "Monsters University" (G) showing at 10 a.m. at the Harlan Theatre.

There is no need to RSVP, just remember to wear your Junior Savers' Club t-shirt to the movie and there will be a cool gift waiting there for you. If you don't have a JSC t-shirt, or outgrew the one you have, you can pick up a new one at any SCSB Office!

Hope to see you there!

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SCSB Provides Free Trees in Arbor Day Drawing

The following is a list of winners of the Arbor Day free tree drawings which were held in each SCSB location on April 26. 

Elk Horn Office:  Cy Petersen
Panama Office:  Brian Wageman
Portsmouth Office:  Deanna Huebner
Irwin Office:  Eric Monson
Shelby Office:  Karen Schlueter
Harlan & West Branch Offices:  Janet Johannsen

Congratulations to all of the winners! Each winner was provided with a certificate for a free 6-8’ tree from Crees Garden Center in Harlan.   

Special thanks to SCSB’s Elk Horn, Shelby and Irwin Offices for helping deliver the 2-3’ Scrub White Oak trees to all the 5th grade students in Shelby County! 

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Explore the New Look of SCSB’s Online Banking

Recently, Shelby County State Bank rolled out a new online banking website featuring several updates and a fresh look. The site has many new online resources available, along with an easier navigation, making it easier to use.

Now when you log in to online banking, you’ll find online tools that help you manage your money more efficiently, plus the convenience of the new Account Dashboard – it’s a simpler way to control your accounts.

The Account Dashboard allows you to:
  • Access account information from one convenient page
  • Get a snapshot of upcoming payments and transfers
  • View recent transactions
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Schedule advances from your line of credit

Enrollment is easy and free - visit www.scsbnet.com. You can also view demos of the new online banking site and see how accessing your account information is now easier than ever!

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10 Tips for Paperless Record-Keeping

Paper statements, receipts and other documents scattered around the house are easy to misplace and create a storage and organization challenge. Additionally, they pose a much more serious threat of identity theft if they get into the hands of the wrong person. Transitioning to a paperless home office can help you clear clutter and protect your personal financial information. To make the paperless switch, gear yourself with a computer with Internet access, a scanner and the following tips: 

1) Elect to receive paperless statements.  Each month you may be receiving paper statements from your bank, credit card company, cell phone provider, energy provider and other companies you do business with. To cut down on clutter and paper, you may be able to elect to receive your statements electronically. You can sign up for paperless statements at SCSB through 24 Hour Banker Online. Simply log on to www.scsbnet.com and click on the 24 Hour Banker link to get started.

2) Switch to online bill-paying options. Many banks provide customers with the ability to pay bills online. Studies show that online BillPay is now used by more than 60 percent of the online banking community.  Paying bills online is often faster, cheaper and easier than writing and mailing a check. BillPay is also available for free through SCSB’s 24 Hour Banker Online.

3) Use strong passwords. Passwords or PINs should be used when accessing an account online. Your password should be unique to you, and should be changed regularly. Do not use birthdates or other numbers or words that may be easy for others to guess.

4) Don’t fall for phishing scams. Avoid getting hooked by criminals who send e-mails encouraging you to reveal personal, financial information, such as account numbers, passwords or Social Security numbers. The e-mails may appear to be from trusted banks, retailers or other companies and often says the company needs to verify your information for security reasons. Remember that Shelby County State Bank will never ask you to reveal passwords or other personal information via e-mail.  

5) Use caution when conducting transactions online. Encryption is the process of scrambling private information to prevent unauthorized access. To show that your transmission is encrypted, some browsers display a small icon on your screen that looks like a padlock or a key whenever you conduct secure transactions online. Avoid sending sensitive information, such as account numbers, through unsecured e-mail.

6) Protect your computer.  If you are making the switch to paperless record-keeping, make sure you are protecting your computer and financial information by arming your computer with a good firewall and software to combat spyware and viruses. Update the software regularly to ensure you are fully protected. 

7) Backup your files. Upgrade your computer’s backup system or invest in an external hard drive to store your backup files. Then scan and store receipts and documents electronically. Through e-Statements with SCSB, your online statements can be downloaded as PDF files and stored on your computer.

8) Know what to keep and what to purge. There are many reasons to keep records. In addition to tax purposes, you may need to keep records for insurance purposes or for getting a loan. According to the IRS, good records will help you identify sources of income, keep track of expenses, keep track of the basis of property, prepare tax returns or support items reported on tax returns. For information on what kinds of records you should keep and how long you should keep them, go to www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p552.pdf.

9) Shred for safety. Invest in a shredder to safely get rid of old files, paid bills, scanned documents and other unwanted paper, such as credit card offers. Shredding your documents helps to keep your personal financial information from getting into the hands of identity thieves.

10)  Turn to your local banker. Talk to the staff at SCSB for more information about protecting your financial information!

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SCSB hosted "Dash & Stash" Night at the Shelby County Speedway
Elk Horn Kindergarten Class Pays a Visit to the Elk Horn Office
Gene Gettys Jr. to Lead SCSB in New Role of Business Development Officer
June is National Homeownership Month: How Do You Know When It’s Time To Refinance?
Junior Savers' Club Day at the Movies - June 22
SCSB Provides Free Trees in Arbor Day Drawing
Explore the New Look of SCSB’s Online Banking
10 Tips for Paperless Record-Keeping

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